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  • On Tuesday, October 17, 2017, Canolfan Peniarth will be lauinching a children's story book about an interesting character from the Gower, Idwal - the tall tree, by the author Carol Barratt.

    All the stories have been set in the beautiful Gower area, where Idwal, the old crack willow tree, tells his stories to the animals that come and go. Carol Barratt was inspired to write the stories from an old tree that stood by a well at the bottom of her garden on the Gower.

    The author said, "On the trunk of this tree that I called Idwal, there were knots of wood resembling a face, and I was inspired to write these stories to children about nature characters after watching all the animals that would come and go from the bottom of our garden".

    Carol Barratt is an author and an experienced musician who has published over eighty publications for young people, most of them music publications. She is considered as a world leader in the field of music education. Mr Gwydion Wynne said, "It has been a privilege and an honor for us to work with Carol on this special book. She is well-known throughout the world in her field, and we're looking forward to seeing how children will respond to the stories! "

    Idwal has been adapted to Welsh by Mererid Hopwood, and is available in English and Welsh from local bookshops. The book will be launched in the company of Mererid and Carol with pupils from Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Brynymor in Swansea, where children will be able to hear some of Idwal's tall stories, and will have the opportunity to be creative themselves in a creative workshop with Mererid.

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  • Canolfan Peniarth have published two story books by Dr Mererid Hopwood, on two famous characters from Wales from the Middle Ages.

    The book on Princess Nest takes a look at the life of the Welsh Princess in the Middle Ages, a very troubled period in Wales, while the book on Hopcyn ap Tomos follows the story of creating the famous Llyfr Coch Hergest.

    Both books are educational story books for Key Stage 2 children, and are part of the series Travelling back to the Middle Ages’, that Peniarth will publish in September.  In addition to these two books, the series will include activity cards, a teachers guide, as well as online resources that will be available on the Welsh Government’s Hwb website.

    More information on the series will be available on Canolfan Peniarth’s website soon;


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  • On Thursday June 15, Canolfan Peniarth launched three new music resource packs for children in Wales at a special concert at Ysgol Llangennech in collaboration with the School’s choir, Côr Ysgol Llangennech.

    Since January 2016, Côr Ysgol Llangennech have been going back and forth to the local recording studio to record forty five songs for children, all of which have been published by Canolfan Peniarth as part of the new Caneuon i Bawb series.

    Caneuon i Bawb includes three albums with songs for primary children, along with three books to accompany them. All songs have been adapted to Welsh by Tudur Dylan Jones and Rhiannon Ifan from the Songs for Everybody series by Out of the Ark Music.

    Llangennech School Choir, led by Mr Lewis Richards, who is also a teacher at the school, is a well-known choir across Wales and beyond after winning the BBC Songs of Praise competition in 2015. Since then, the choir has gone from strength to strength and has performed at the Royal Albert Hall, as well as events across Wales.

    Choir conductor, Mr. Lewis Richards said, "This has been quite a project for us as a choir, and to me as conductor. Learning forty five new songs with the choir, in addition to our other commitments with concerts and so on, has been quite a challenge. The children however, have worked hard throughout the whole process to learn the songs quickly, and it was a great experience for them to record at a professional studio! We're very pleased to have had the opportunity to do the three albums with Canolfan Peniarth, and the CDs sounds great! "

    Gruff Ifan, who was Project Managing the project on behalf of Canolfan Peniarth said, "This has been a long and complicated process for us, and we are extremely happy to finally publish these fantastic music resources.  We have been very fortunate to have been able to work with Ysgol Llangennech and the choir.  The children have been very professional throughout the whole process, and the standard of the choir’s voices is unbelievable”.

    The Caneuon i Bawb concert was held at the School Hall on 15 June 2017, and a live stream of the whole concert can be watched again on Canolfan Peniarth’s Facebook page.

    Further details can be found on Caneuon i Bawb here;

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    Canolfan Peniarth has published an interactive map showing places of historical importance in Wales.

    The map looks in particular at 80 various places across Wales, from Castles and abbeys to Water Falls and Canals.  The map provides general information on all these places, while also providing educational interactive activities for all places for children between 7 and 11 years old.  The map is available in Welsh and English.

    Click here to visit the interactive map.

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    Earlier in March this year, students from UWTSD’s BA Film and Visual Culture, and BA New Media Production degrees collaborated with Canolfan Peniarth to create a series of short film clips for a Welsh Government funded educational project that concentrates specifically on the Middle Ages in Wales.

    As part of the project, Peniarth is producing two bilingual packs for children 7 to 11 years old, that focuses on two subjects related to Wales between 1063 and 1400, which are castles and famous characters such as Gwenllian, Owain Glyndwr and Llywelyn ap Gruffydd etc.  The packs will include film clips that will provide an opportunity for children to travel back in time to the Middle Ages to see what it was like to live in a castle and to see what it was like to be famous a long time ago, with the students playing a key role in the film production process.

    Sian Elin Evans, Multimedia Designer at Canolfan Peniarth said, “The film work was complicated and technical as it had to be done with a green screen background that allows us to add some animation of castles and specific images from the Middle Ages to the clips in the editing process.  When considering all the production involved with the clips, being able to bring experienced film and media students who are familiar with the technical aspects in to the production team was extremely valuable for us. The standard of their film work and their professionalism was great”.

    Gareth Smith, Project Manager at Canolfan Peniarth said, “We have received a number of requests from students from different fields of study recently who are looking for work experience opportunities with us, and we always try to accomodate and support them and give them an opportunity to work on commercial projects in the hope that this will enhance their skills and experiences and help them when will be looking for employment once they graduate”.

    Dr Brett Aggersberg, a lecturer with the University’s School of Film and Digital Media said, ”this has been a very benifical experience for our students. It has enabled them to practice their lighting, audio, filming, and post-production skills. This project required studio green screen work and editing in Adobe After Effects. The experience has provided students with a real world experience, where they have had to meet the needs of the client and reflect on their position to the creative industries. We look forward to working with Canolfan Peniarth on future projects.”

    Both educational packs will be published later on in the year in May, with a launch already organised at the Arts Centre in Aberystwyth on 20 May 2017 with one of the authors, Dr Mererid Hopwood, as part of the literature festival, Gŵyl Bedwen Lyfrau.

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